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Mix Vault
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What if you could deconstruct the actual mix sessions for professional worldwide releases? Mix Vault gives you the opportunity to dive into some of the most popular mixes from my discography with a complete start-to-finish mix walkthrough and full multitrack access.
Fellow audio engineer, imagine that you're living in a different time... 10 or 20 years ago before all the big studios started closing. You're an assistant at one of these studios, working under an experienced & notable engineer. Every day you get to wake up and head to the studio to do what you love mostR30; and more importantly, you get to watch and learn as your mentor mixes new songs day-in and day-out. You would be one of the few people who get to see & hear the "guts" of well-known songs... To hear what the vocal sounded like completely alone and know exactly what the mixer had to do to make it radio-ready... You'd listen as they build the mix from scratch into the polished final product that everyone else hears. After a few experiences like this, how much do you want to bet that your mixes would completely transform? With a steady stream of insights from real-world, professional mix sessions across a variety of genres and arrangements, you would quickly become a confident and well-rounded mixer.

This is how the legends came up in the big studios decades ago, and you need to have these kinds of experiences if you want to improve as an engineer - at least, if you don't want to do it at a snail's pace. But now the big studios are closing and it's almost impossible to land a big-studio internship these days. Sure, we've got access to affordable DAWs, plugins and interfacesR30; And you can even look up almost any information you need on YouTube or Google. But this has left us in a BUBBLE that makes learning how to mix extremely slow and frustrating.​ You see, we're recording at home or in our small project studios and mixing without any experience outside of the stuff we create inside that bubble! How are you supposed to learn anything new if you're only ever working on your own material?

My name's Jordan Valeriote. I've been engineering professionally for over 10 years, and I still love finding new multitracks to load up and explore. Every now and then an artist will release their stems, or I'll get a chance to download some pro multitracks, and presto.... my mixes evolve. Like when I downloaded Fall Out Boy tracks and realized how important compression was on the lead vocals (and how dry they were compared to my mixes). Or when I got some Oh, Sleeper tracks and learned how to automate my FX sends instead of keeping things static.... or hearing Underoath drums in solo and analyzing how each piece of the kit was treated to create that punch and intensity...

The point is, every time I got to dig into multitracks like this, I made breakthroughs. Just by listening to the tracks. It's one thing to listen and appreciate a finished mix, but lightbulbs start going off like crazy when you get to break it down to its individual parts. Sadly, even with 10 years of engineering and interacting with pro engineers, I've only come across these chances a handful of times.

No wonder the average up-and-coming engineer or home studio owner is spinning their wheels and struggling to mix better. The chances for insights and breakthroughs are just too few and far between. Over my 10 years of engineering, I've been able to work on some notable releases including Silverstein, Neck Deep, Intervals and other label projects... and I often get questions from other engineers about how I mixed these projects.

So I got thinking... what if I could open up my catalog and let other engineers dig in to my mixes, the same way I love to dig into other mixes? And not just one song... but songs from multiple albums that span a variety of styles and unique arrangements... So that people who are stuck in their ‘bubble' can expand their skill set and become more well-rounded engineers capable of handling a wide range of instruments and genres. I decided to open up a selection of tracks from my discography and break down the actual mixes on videoR30; and allow students to download the raw multitracks to follow along and mix it themselves.

For 2 years, these sessions were only available inside a commitment to a high priced 4-month course. But I'm opening up the archives to allow you to dig into these pro mix sessions one-by-oneR30; whenever you want.

Each Mix Vault session includes a detailed video breakdown of the entire mix, plus the raw multitrack download for you to follow along and mix it yourself.

Intervals - "Ephemeral"
From the album, "A Voice Within"

​Melodic, technical rock/metalDynamic live drumsClean & polished vocals with harmonies & layersIntricate guitars
Auras - "Adverse Condition"
​From the album, "Crestfallen"

​​Super-heavy djent/metal​Programmed drums with complex patterns​Down-tuned guitar and bass​Intense scream vocals
Goodbye Sky Harbour - "Loud and Clear"
​​From the album, "Tired Hearts"

​Radio-ready pop rock​Live drums, guitar and bass​Female fronted vocal​Classic mainstream pop-rock arrangement and mix
Nick Johnston - "Remarkably Human"
​From the album, "Remarkably Human"

​​Guitar driven instrumental rock​​Organic vibe with lots of dynamics​Acoustic & electric guitarsIncredible performances & source tones​​Epic leads and solos
BONUS 1: Silverstein - "Toronto (Unabridged)"
​From the album, "I Am Alive in Everything I Touch"

​Acoustic driven​​Unique layers including cello and percussion​​Unplugged vibe building to full band
BONUS 2: Mix Rehab - "Carol of the Bells"
Watch as I rehab this 10-year-old mix in real time.

Getting a polished mix out of less-than-stellar source tracksSee what happens when an amateur mix gets a pro "mix makeover"Watch the mix unfold in real-time from start to finish.

Mix Vault

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